November 3, 2013

life, lately

the trees are starting to look pretty bare and the weather is definitely starting to get seriously cold 
(it's even snowing a little bit this morning - for the first itme)

Ithaca Ale House - date nights are the best kind of nights

last weekend was family weekend - my family couldn't make it but Cam's parents came
we showed them around campus, took them to a gorge, went out to eat lots, and had a lovely time
on Cam's mom's last day she and I even went to get mani/pedis while Cam had rehearsals
(which was awesome - I haven't had my nails professionally done since prom)

GF chicken alfredo - I died, y'all

and finally, school Halloween on Thursday - Hermione

and real Halloween Saturday night - I was a fosse dancer and Cam was Bill Nye (literally his twin)


  1. i love that you sported two halloween costumes - one for work and one so perfect for school!

    1. thanks lady! the fosse dancer was very last minute but I ended up happy with it :)

  2. Very cute costumes, and I love the pictures. Very cute.

    Jes | Naturally Jes


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