November 19, 2013

life, lately

it's Tuesday night and there are only a few more days until Cam and I fly back to Dallas to see our homes and everyone connected
to them for Thanksgiving break. I could not be more ready - especially since I haven't seen any family/been home since August.
things have been pretty busy (we're just at that point in the semester, unfortunately) so I haven't been able to do much
blogging, or much of anything really, but here are a couple things that have happened recently:

saw my first IC theatre production - and it was fantastic

registered for next semester's classes (and although I didn't get all of the classes that I wanted, I did get all of my required
classes and I'm pretty satisfied with the rest)

went to a PJ party with my guy
1.5 years a week from Saturday with him - so much love here, as always

and had a pretty good hair day
hope all is well with you, friends!


  1. l can't wait to have you home so soon! I have a surprise when you get here! <3

  2. ugh, gimmie your hair. Also, Media and Pop Culture sounds so cool! Classes like that are the reason liberal arts schools are worth the ridic tution. :)


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